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About Us

About Us

When SilverStone Group’s founder, H.H. “Red” Nelson, started his insurance business in a one-room, two-person office in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1945, he never dreamed that 65 years later the firm would have grown to three offices employing more than 200 Associates.

Our business was built on the Midwestern ethic of hard work, honesty, integrity and fairness — and on the idea that the client’s needs should come first. It’s the right thing to do — and it’s just good business.

While other national competitors downsize, SilverStone Group continues to bring highly skilled and talented men and women onboard. We realize that excellent customer service doesn’t just happen — it’s the result of a dedicated team whose only goal is to “be there” when our clients need us. At SilverStone Group, customer service isn’t just a department — it’s an attitude.

When our company was founded, it was not unusual to have to use 10 or more different insurance companies to underwrite large risks due to the lack of financial capacity.

Today, under the leadership of the Nelson family’s third generation, the world of business insurance bears little resemblance to those “simpler” times. Now SilverStone Group can “lay off” hundreds of millions of dollars in exposure to markets around the world in a matter of hours.

However, regardless of scale, the basic principle of our work remains unchanged — tailor a solution to meet the specific needs of each client — whether conducting business across a kitchen table or a multinational corporate boardroom.



H.H. “Red” and Ruth Nelson form Nelson Insurance Agency — which later becomes the H.H. “Red” Nelson Insurance Agency.


Carl Mammel co-founds an Omaha-based benefits consulting, actuarial and insurance brokerage company — which later becomes Mammel & Associates.


H.H. “Red” Nelson Insurance Agency merges with the Morse & Goode Agency to form Insurance Agents, Inc.


Insurance Agents, Inc. becomes Redland & Associates and John P. Nelson is named CEO.


Carl Mammel co-founds M Financial Group.


Redland & Associates’ holding company acquires Mammel & Associates.


SilverStone Consulting is formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Redland & Associates.

1998 SilverStone Group joins the World Wide Web with the launch of silverstonegroup.com.


Redland & Associates, Mammel & Associates and SilverStone Consulting merge under one name — SilverStone Group — to provide benefits consulting, actuarial, human resource consulting and insurance brokerage services.


SilverStone Group celebrates 60 years of excellence and opens its Sioux Falls, South Dakota office.


SilverStone Group purchases its Omaha headquarters building at 11516 Miracle Hills Drive — which it has occupied since 1998 — and opens its Lincoln, Nebraska office.


SilverStone Group acquires Strato-Ops.


SilverStone Group acquires Eagle Consulting Inc. and opens Des Moines, Iowa office.


SilverStone Group trusted 65 years.

2011 SilverStone Group celebrates its brand enhancement with the revealing of its new logo and the launch of its new website in August.
2012 SilverStone Group forms an independent RIA, SilverStone Asset Management, Inc. (SSAM), registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and sponsors its first PGA Tour Golfer, Roberto Castro and first web.com golfer, John Hurley.

SilverStone Group proudly supports the 2013 US Senior Open with a Private Clubhouse Venue at Omaha Country Club and holds its Annual Meeting for the first time in Sioux Falls at the Washington Pavilion.


Hayes Insurance Agency and Heintzberger Actuaries join SilverStone Group.

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