Nate Predoehl

Nate Predoehl is a Project Consultant working in collaboration with SilverStone Group to provide assistance in the areas of implementation and audit support for Safety Management Systems using the IS-BAO, ACSF and RAACA Standards for guidance.

Nate has completed IS-BAO audits for all three phases of the IS-BAO Standards for Part 91 corporate/international operators and for Part 135 Charter and Aircraft Management Companies. Two of the first 10 Charter operations to receive ARG/US Platinum – IS-BAO dual audit accreditations were implementation clients of SilverStone Group’s. Nate has also provided consultation services for Bermuda’s Part 125 and Part 91 OTARs and SMS requirements. Since Nate has partnered with SilverStone Group, they have become recognized for their audit and implementation capabilities with the HAI’s Platinum Safety Program and as the preferred implementer for ARG/US.

Nate is the President and Founder of Strato-Ops LLC, a Nebraska-based safety consulting firm that provided services to both corporate and on-demand commercial flight departments throughout the United States. His company also served as a special materials expert for Jeppesen, an internationally recognized aviation publishing company for web-based training modules.

Nate has over 25 years of aviation experience and he holds an ATP and a CFI-MEI, with over 11,000 hours flight time. He achieved ISO 9001 Internal and Advanced Internal Auditor accreditation in 2007. Type ratings include FA200, FA50, FA900 and LR 45. Nate served as an International Captain and Safety Officer for a major corporate flight department in the Midwest for almost 13 years before leaving to start his own company in the spring of 2007. His tenure as a Certified Flight Instructor has lasted for over 20 years and 1,500 hours. Nate also served as the President of Penn Aire, Inc., an aircraft management company that manages and flies aircraft for Pennfield, Methodist Health Care Systems, Inc. and various other companies in the Omaha area.

Before achieving his Commercial and Flight Instructor ratings, Nate worked as a ramp and maintenance supervisor for a Fixed Base Operator at Millard Airport in Omaha, Nebraska. He also worked as a ramp service agent for Delta Airlines in the early 70s.

Professional Certifications

  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
  • Type Rated in:
    • F-900
    • DA-50
    • DA-200
    • LR-45
  • Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine Instrument (CFI MEI)
  • IS-BAO Auditor
  • IS-BAO Implementer
  • ISO 9001 Advanced Internal Auditor

Company Affiliation
Mentair Group, Inc.  |  Omaha, NE