Steve Cockrell

Steve has been involved with more accidents than anyone ought to be. But that’s only because it’s his job. When accidents happen in the workplace — and, unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, it can happen — Steve is there to help his client mitigate the loss and plan for greater workplace safety in the future.

Steve has 37 years of experience in claims cost containment and claims management with more than 24 of those years at SilverStone Group.

He specializes in workers’ compensation claims, monitoring claims reserves and assisting in settling outstanding or disputed claims. His extensive knowledge of the claims process is highly beneficial to his clients, which include both insureds and carriers. He has also established and managed a Third-Party Administration Program.

Having an accident is never a good thing. Having Steve’s expertise when dealing with the aftermath of an accident is just good business.

Contact Information
e-mail: |  phone: 402.964.5584  |  fax: 402.963.4094

Professional Certification
Senior Claims Law Associate (SCLA)

Bachelor of Arts | Criminal Justice
University of Nebraska-Omaha  |  Omaha, NE