Matt Fisher

Aim. Shoot. Matt Fisher always has his eye on the prize. From his success at work to enjoying his favorite past time,  hunting pheasants and waterfowl, he sure knows how to shoot and score.

Matt has been with SilverStone Group since 1998 and has over 17 years of experience in the actuarial analysis of Defined Benefit Plans and 12 years of experience in Post-Retirement Medical Plans. He also has 11 years of actuarial experience in the areas of Dental Pricing and Financial Reporting.

Matt’s expertise includes performing actuarial valuations of pension plans and retiree welfare plans. His experience also includes plan design, experience analysis of assumptions and forecasting of valuation results.

Matt is a member of the Nebraska Actuaries Club and volunteers his time coaching youth sports, whether it is work or play, he delivers a level of dedication that always exceeds expectations!

Contact Information

e-mail:  |  phone: 402.964.5511  |  fax: 402.963.4089

Bachelor of Science |  Business Administration  |  Actuarial Science
University of Nebraska-LincolnLincoln, NE