Lynn Harper

It’s true what they say, some people are born
to be leaders, and Lynn Harper is a perfect example. While she does enjoy reading leadership books, her leadership traits come quite naturally and can be seen throughout various aspects
of her life.

As SilverStone Group’s Service Manager
for the Property & Casualty division, Lynn combines her insurance background of 7 years with her ability to engage individuals to exceed their potentials. Even more impressive, she does it to successfully manage a team of over 30 top-notch service associates. Her leadership inspires others to make service excellence not just a goal, but a reality.

Outside of the office, Lynn is the President of the Big Red Nebraska NetVu Chapter,
a board member for Young Professionals of NetVu and a member of both Independent Insurance Agents of Omaha and Young Agents of Omaha. She is a Teammates mentor
at Marian High School and can also be found teaching classes on software products
at national NetVu conventions.

With all this responsibility, you might wonder what Lynn does for fun and stress relief? Well, she is a self-described Pinterest addict and adrenaline junkie who has already checked skydiving off on her bucket list, just to name a few. Now all inquiring minds want to know, if Lynn jumped out of a plane, would her team members follow? Stay tuned…

Contact Information
e-mail: lharper@ssgi.com |  phone: 402.964.5728  |  fax: 402.557.6328

Professional Titles

  • Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR)

Bachelor of Business Administration | Management
Bellevue University |  Bellevue, NE