John Marshall

John’s first job out of college was with SilverStone Group and, while it might have been accidental that he found our industry so soon in his career, the reasons John remains in insurance are easy to understand. His family history includes generations committed to serving and advising others and understanding the needs of the customer. John’s entrepreneurial spirit drives him to find better, easier ways to assist clients in the ever-changing world of risk.

John is head of the Professional Risk Services practice area for SilverStone Group. With over 19 years of experience, John has developed an expertise in professional liability insurance and risk management, working with industries with significant professional, regulatory, reputational and cyber-related exposures. John has developed a proprietary strategic risk planning process that is adaptable for companies who have different risk management needs, from reducing coverage over time with more active management of their exposure to organizations who want to self-insure or manage primary exposures. SilverStone Group benchmarks and categorizes data analytics from each risk assessment performed to help existing and future clients learn from the uninsured mistakes of others.

John is a frequent contributor to trade journals and serves as a public speaker for several professional associations each year. He has received various professional certifications related to advising on and financing risk. John was honored as one of the top 40 under 40 professionals in 2005 by the Midlands Business Journal, an Omaha publication.

John’s family also upholds a tradition of volunteering, which he maintains by actively involving himself in the community. Over the years, John and his wife have served on the board of directors of 11 non-profit organizations in addition to supporting organizations such as the Knights of AKSARBEN Foundation and Jesuit Academy. In his personal time, John enjoys hiking, gardening and spending time with his two young children. He hopes to guide his children to continue on the same path.

Contact Information
e-mail: |  phone: 402.964.5559  |  fax: 402.557.6321

Professional Certifications

  • Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI)
  • Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)
  • Certified Risk Manager (CRM)
  • Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional (ERMCP)

Bachelor of Science  |  Business Administration
Drake University |  Des Moines, IA