Gini Collins

Gini loves the outdoors, and she believes some of the most profound insights in her experience have come to her while hiking. She has learned how beneficial it can be to combine personal insights with her formal education in order to synthesize unique solutions for her clients.

Gini has extensive experience in human capital, specializing in executive coaching. She feels privileged to work with top executives to maximize growth potential and/or remediate performance challenges, and has successfully facilitated turnarounds for executives facing career derailment. She also provides expertise to businesses, helping them plan critical succession issues. Gini utilizes strong analytical abilities to facilitate organizational development and growth issues through a variety of assessment techniques, including organizational surveys, focus groups and assessments. Because each organization is unlike any other at any given point in time, her challenge is to find the unique key which will drive the desired change. Gini compares this work to that of a whittler or stone mason who believes the form is hidden in the raw material; it is her job to help reveal the form, the answer, the truth for each organization.

Gini has also conducted extensive research and has authored many articles. She has been a presenter at the Midwest Psychological Association Conference, Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychologists Conference, M Financial University, M Marketing Meetings, AALU, SHRM and the Governor’s Summit on Workforce Development. She has taught strategic leadership, leadership skills, organizational behavior and organizational consulting in the MBA and EMBA Programs at the University of Nebraska-Omaha

Her interpersonal and leadership skills, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of human behavior, facilitate professional growth in clients. Her unique organizational insight and analytical ability provide clients with the fresh perspectives needed to maximize the growth potential for their organizations. Gini says there is deep gratification in helping people create better work environments with higher productivity and more balanced lifestyles.

Gini is a member of several professional organizations, including the Society of Consulting Psychologists, American Psychological Association (APA), and the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychologists (SIOP).  She continues to serve on the Board of Heartland Family Services following her tenure as Board President in 2011 – 2013. When Gini is not busy coaching or collaborating with her colleagues to create successful outcomes for clients, you can often find her wearing hiking boots and dreaming of the day she will be able to introduce her grandchildren to the joys of hiking.

Contact Information
e-mail: |  phone: 402.964.5602  |  fax: 402.963.4085

PhD of Philosophy  |  Industrial & Organizational Psychology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln  |  Lincoln, NE

Masters of Science  |  Industrial & Organizational Psychology
University of Nebraska-Omaha  |  Omaha, NE

Masters of Counseling
Austin Peay State University  |  Clarksville, TN

Bachelor of Science  |  Psychology
University of Maryland  |  College Park, MD