Danielle Crough

Danielle may spend her daytime hours working with busy organizational leaders, but she spends her evenings with her growing family out in the quiet countryside. Whether she is working with leaders or teaching her young girls how to garden, two qualities intertwine her worlds: confidence and vision. These two qualities translate easily into Danielle’s work as a Senior Human Capital Consultant with experience in leadership development, strategic planning, performance management, selection systems and employee engagement.

As a Senior Consultant, Danielle takes a holistic approach to her work to help people perform at their best to ensure businesses thrive. Her expertise includes leadership and organizational development via management training, executive team building and individual coaching. She also assists clients with the development of selection and performance management systems, as well as leveraging strategic planning and employee engagement for organizational success.

Danielle’s passion for developing leaders and helping organizations stems from her experience in the field, in addition to her thorough understanding of best practices. Her clients can count on her to effectively implement cutting-edge and conventional methods to assist with their human capital needs.

Danielle serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Nebraska Omaha, teaching MBA courses on leadership and organizational behavior, as well as I/O psychology graduate courses. She is a featured speaker on human capital topics and serves on the board for Heartland Family Service and the Family Housing Advisory Services, and is board chairman of Salem Little Saints Daycare. Additionally, Danielle is a member of the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology, where she presents her research findings and collaborates with others in her field.

When Danielle is not working, teaching or giving a presentation, she enjoys spending time with her family. There’s nothing like the tranquil nature of the countryside to help her relax at the end of the day.

Contact Information
e-mail: |  phone: 402.964.5546  |  fax: 402.963.4085

Professional Certifications

  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

PhD of Philosophy  |  Industrial & Organizational Psychology
University of Nebraska-Omaha|  Omaha, NE

Master of Arts  |  Industrial & Organizational Psychology
University of Nebraska- Omaha |  Omaha, NE

Bachelor of Arts  |  Industrial & Organizational Psychology
University of Minnesota |  Minneapolis, MN